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July 07, 2007



Good luck Jules!!!! Stay warm and strong and let us hear the roar all the way in San Francisco when you land a l'otre cote!

Ian Gardiner

Jules, think of me getting hypothermic in 20 degree water off Bondi. After 10 mins.
I'll be thinking of you after 12 hours or so of much nastier English Channel.
Watch out for jellyfish and plastic bags and rogue turds.
Look forward to hearing how you get on.
Good luck.

McCall Dorr

Good luck! Excellent reporting from the front - I'll stay posted w/ my fingers crossed that the sun shines and you totally kill the swim. Cheers.

Mrs. Green


Best wishes. I have been following the journey on the blog and can't wait to see how it turns out. In the boating world the "BIG boat has the right of way" so stay clear of the Tankers! I know your team will take good care of you.

Looking forward to all the stories when you get back to San Fran.

Marina (aka Mrs. Green)


Jules, The Channel. Is that it? Oh yeah baby, that's it.

The whole of the Sunday-brunching Pink Mafia send their best. You'll let us know if we need to kick anyone's ass. But as your mother's there we're assuming she's got it handled and our job is limited to toasting your achievement, which of course we will do.
Cheers (as I believe your people say),
Buttercup (aka Mera)


Excellent idea ..pls. go ahead and let us know about your undersea experience in your next blog.May be people ,who got bored off making regular ferry crossings to France would get inspired by you and start swimming across the channel in near future.Bad dream for ferry crossings companies.Wish you good luck.


Infatti il suo strano ma grande quando è fatta! Necessità di leggere il blog del tuo prossimo traghetto nuoto esperienza!


Non sei sicuro di quanto a lungo il Canale della Manica, ma è grande anche per ottenere questo pensiero in mente. I really appreciate tale audacia ragazzo. Maggio Dio vi benedica!


ok, rien de mal à essayer. Je pense que tout à l'heure à certains groupes ont tenté la même ...!!!

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Thanks for the well posting It is really goog idea... go ahead and let us know about your undersea experience in your next blog. Bad dream for cheap ferries crossings companies.Wish you good luck.

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