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July 10, 2007



You beauty!

Bob Alleger

Awesome! Well done Julian. We're proud of you and your accomplishment.

Jeff Barca-Hall

Congrats and way to go! What an amazing feat of physical and mental stamina. Sounds like you had a great support team.

Roberta Bernet

Hey Julian,

What great news - Congratulations!

And now Dover Harbor has good memories for you too and so maybe this won't be your last swim in that cold, brown, wild water!


Congratulations... what an amazing feat!!!! I was getting worried about the conditions when you told the story this weekend about the Icelandic who sat on the beach for 3 months....


Julian - that is fantastic news! Congrats! Seems like you had a great team supporting you - how wonderful. I look forward to seeing the pictures.


CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm sooooo impressed. 10:34 is un******believable! You are now officially a rock star, even if you don't travel to exotic places with Elle M... :) Bono has nothing on you. glad you aren't swimming. Try not to go into withdrawal. Drink heavily. Eat lots.

Magnus Hoglund

Way to go - Congratulations!


Congrats Julian!


Congrats Jules - a massive achievement. Did you have a pain au chocolat while there?

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